James White (Angry Bird) references "two worlds" - life on the reservation at Standing Rock and life outside the reservation.

Angry bird with horseHe's an elder, army veteran, Akicita, and the only enrolled member of Standing Rock to get federal charges. This is part of the statement he wrtote originally for Judge Hovland:

I did what I thought was right for the safety of others I might have known and others who I never met. I tried to keep everyone safe in camp, and also to keep the water and the earth safe from danger that will occur in the future. ...Life is tough for many, as we all know, and good for so few.  For us growing up, being in boarding schools was not so good.  But we are still living, trying to forget the pain and shame of what happened to me and so many others at a young age. The way people in the other world that you live in see us and judge us is easy to understand for they do not live in my shoes or climb the ladder I have to climb or had to climb. I tried to live in both worlds – as a vet and a father sending my offspring and others to the other world to make a better place. We all need to come to an understanding that we are killing the earth for money and profit. But we forget what we are destroying for our future generations. We need to come together as one – not as one better than the other – and to remember it’s going to take us all to help fix what we’re destroying.  If not for us, then for our children and children’s children to live.


Check out Angry Bird's work in the BadNation Horse Relay team, carrying on tradition and advocacy for indigenous youth and Missing/Murdered Indigenous Women: https://www.facebook.com/BadNationIndianRelay/

A great article giving one example among many of Jimmy's work in camp:

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