Michael "Little Feather" Giron is the first Water Protector sentenced in relation to the NoDAPL pipeline movement at Standing Rock.

Little Feather spent his entire lead up to trial within ND jails. He was sentenced to 36 month federal prison term pursuant to a non-cooperating plea agreement. Please take a moment and donate to him through this website. Additional updates and video interviews about Little Feather can be found on the Water Protector Legal Collective website and facebook.

Statement from Little Feather on June 4, 2018. "Please let our people know that I love them and I'm honored to be where I am at for them. I want our people to know also to never give up hope on our movement. Our struggle is only the beginning and that we need to remember that what we stood for and fight for are the essence of our movement Mitákuye Oyás'iŋ"

Statement from Little Feather March 2019: "To all my Relatives and Akicita,

So as I sit here in these decaying walls of confinement my mind goes thru all of my hardships throughout and in my life. I’ve been through losing the most important people in my life, my mother, little brother Danny who was dying in my arms and my father. I’ve gone thru the most difficult drug addiction anyone can endure. All these struggles in my life were building blocks of strength and courage. I also witnessed the carnage and pain of my own people being hurt, sprayed and just flat out run over. That tore me up, it shook me to the point of having p.t.s.d. Please know I’ve been through years of imprisonment of my own demise and stupidity.

But to witness law enforcement, the Army Reserves and other law enforcement from all over the states take brutal action against young women, mothers, elders and innocent children enraged me–still does! So while I’m in this prison I’m still fighting for you all. I’m OK knowing that not only did I fight for Unci Maka, and something that is very important: Mni Wiconi–life changing, I stood for our children, elders and all relatives who couldn’t be there to stand. For our people who were unprotected who didn’t deserve to be treated like animals. I’ve come face to face with the enemy! And stopped them. Ive been shot, sprayed, beaten. I’m proud to be a Native. I’m proud to be a Water Protector. I’m proud to be Akicita.

So all my Relatives out there fighting still, who feel in despair, I stand with you in this fight. If I was there I’d be side by side with you, taking down the Black Snake. My Spirit and Honor is with you. Stay positive and strong.

Have hope and stay in prayer. My utmost solidarity, love, and honor,

Little Feather"

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