Incarceration is not only systemic repression; prisons thrive on exploitation through money by forcing people in lock up to pay for their own incarceration. Loved ones on the outside are not allowed to send toiletries, food, art supplies, items for ceremony, envelopes, clothes, medical supplies, etc. Most necessities must be bought through prison commissary, or those incarcerated simply go without. It costs incarcerated Water Protectors money to communicate with the outside as well. Each email they send costs money. Each phone call they make costs money. Each envelope, stamp, and piece of paper costs money. Therefore, funds that go to their commissary account will also aid them in avoiding the Bureau of Prison's goal to silence incarcerated Water Protectors as they continue their work and sacrifices behind bars. Halfway houses also pose their own kind of struggle as political prisoners are required to seek local employment, transportation, visits, phone calls and medical care while under surveillance and curfews. 


If Western Union is available to you, funds can go directly to their prison commissary by typing their name and their inmate number without the hyphen:

Michael Markus 06280073

RedFawn Fallis 16358059


Other options for commissary donation include:

Red Fawn:

Rattler (for commissary):

Rattler (for other support committee work):


Please support Dion and his immediate family while transitioning to Bureau of Prison's halfway house in New Mexico: 


Please support Little Feather and his immediate family while transitioning to Bureau of Prison's halfway house in North Dakota: 

Venmo: leoyla-cowboy-1 


Please support our Akicita elder Angry Bird, currently under federal surveillance on probation, through his family's and Tiospaye's PayPal account: 

Angry Bird's passion is horses. Please read their horse relay team's statement below to learn how to support Angry Bird's continuing work for indigenous communities: 

Bad Nation Relay

Indian Horse Relay

33472 228th st

Fort Thompson, SD 57339

Whom this may concern,

At Bad Nation Relay, we have been noticed from people all over the United States and Canada and have brought an inside look at the type of warriors we truly are in the Hunkpati and Hunkpapa Sioux Indian Reservations for the past year now. This season, we’re aiming to continue to raise awareness towards Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Relatives through the first extreme sport of Indian Horse Relay. A sport combined of horsemanship, culture, and horse racing.

During the 2019 season we are looking not only to raise awareness for an ongoing issue that has taken a toll on many reservations including our own, but to also get more youth involved in our Native American culture and the ongoing issues that happen daily. We think our efforts can go even farther with your help.

If you’re willing to help, the donations we receive will go towards helping get awareness out to more people to start bringing more of our native relatives’ home. The donations we receive will provide a donation towards travel and horse expenses such as feed, medications, and equipment for both horse and riders. Our mission will be to raise awareness and keep you updated on our racing journey by providing you with photographs and pictures of our team throughout the season.

With you by our side this upcoming year, we’re sure to achieve our goal in raising awareness for MMIW and MMIR and bringing our youth closer to our culture.

If you’re interested in being a part of our journey by contributing anything from money to supplies for the horses or riders, please reach out to us at (308)360-3281 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We can’t wait to hear back from you!


Jama Bourne

Bad Nation Relay


The NoDAPL Federal Prisoner Support Committee also accepts donations to further our work of advocacy events for incarcerated Water Protectors, events to discuss lessons learned about effective collective restistance and legal defense for movement work, accept donations for family and legal teams to visit incarcerated Water Protectors in prisons and halfway houses, as well as our continual work surrounding legal battles as we maneuver through prison, halfway houses and probation. Please indicate if your donation is meant for their prison commissary, or if the donation goes towards further work of the Support Committee.