Please scroll to find their mailing address and what to expect when writing to political prisoners:

RedFawn Fallis #16358-059 Unit E
Federal Correctional Institution 
5701 8th St. 
Dublin, CA 94568
Michael Little Feather Giron was transferred to a ND halfway house and is no longer incarcerated at USP Hazelton. He's currently transitioning to probation out of the halfway house, with a new address for receiving mail:

Michael Little Feather Giron
PO Box 578
Mandan, ND 58554

Michael Markus 06280-073 Unit I
FCI Sandstone
Federal Correctional Institution
PO Box 1000
Sandstone, MN 55072
Dion Ortiz was transferred to a NM halfway house transitioning to probation and is no longer incarcerated at FCI Sandstone. He now receives mail at: 
Dion Ortiz 
1658 Callie Sotero 
Santa Fe, NM 87507 
Angry Bird 
James White
PO Box 755
Ft. Yates, ND 58538


No glitter of any kind inside or on the letter. 

Letters can only be written in black or blue ink.

Letters must be on white paper.

Letters can be typed (we assume in mostly black ink).

Drawings must be scanned in order to be mailed; the originals cannot be sent directly to prisons.  

Books, newspapers, and magazines must come directly from the publisher or with a subscription. Brochures, 'zines' or 'alternative literature' and some booklets can be mailed. Fliers from grassroots and other organizations can be mailed.

Stickers with return addresses cannot be used; the addresses must be written on the envelope. (Sandstone prison gives inmates mailing labels to use, but stickers from outside the prison are not permitted) 

No decorative stickers inside the letter or on the envelope.

No lipstick, perfumes, herbs, or essential oils inside the letter or on the envelope.

Only white envelopes can be used, unless using official envelopes from the post office.

DVDs cannot be mailed to the prison.

Care packages cannot be mailed to the prison.

Sacred plants for ceremony cannot be mailed. They must be purchased by our incarcerated family through their prison commissary. Sage, sweetgrass, cedar, and sinsasa could possibly be sent to prison chaplains through nonprofits.

Art supplies must come from a retail provider (Amazon, etc.) and be approved unless provided through prison stores in commissary. 

Nudity, excessive violence, or materials deemed to "risk the safety and structure of the prison" are prohibited and/or confiscated.

Postcards can be sent only if they are written on.

20-25 pictures at a time can be sent, but no polaroids. Pictures merely printed onto regular printer paper may be accepted, but may not; prisons have not been consistent.

Cards with electronic devices that makes sounds or music are rejected. Padded cards are rejected. Decorations glued onto or threaded through the card itself will be rejected. Cards with glitter will be rejected. Home made cards will be rejected. The only cards accepted are store bought, single-open, and flat in white envelopes.

Languages other than English sometimes have to be translated depending on how lengthy the correspondence is. Unfortunately Supreme Court rulings for inmates that speak indigenous languages and Spanish to family members that don't speak English didn't consider it to be a constitutional violation to prohibit correspondence.

All letters sent to inmates are read and checked for "contraband" by prison officials. Names and addresses are logged. Photo copies can be taken by prison staff of any sent mail; sometimes original copies of the mail may be saved, meaning only the photo copy could be given to inmates. Only the attorneys have confidential correspondence, so the content of letters MUST be written with EXTREME caution.

The "official" notice from BOP, very lacking in detail:

"For the safety and security of staff and inmates, effective November 5, 2018, please note the following changes to incoming mail procedures at this institution:

  • All incoming general correspondence envelopes and paper must be white in color, this includes greeting card envelopes. All other color envelopes and paper will be rejected.
  • All incoming general correspondence utilizing an address label or sticker for either the recipient and/or sender will be rejected. The recipient and/or sender information must be completed either in ink or through address stamp.
  • Commercial greeting cards need to be a one-fold card. Any card with glued items or glued folds will be rejected. All "homemade" greeting cards will continue to be rejected.
  • Envelope flaps and stamps will be removed from incoming correspondence prior to delivery.
  • Some general correspondence may be photocopied, providing only the copy to the inmate.
  • Incoming general correspondence including books and magazines containing materials such as, but not limited to: glitter, stickers, lipstick, crayon, marker, perfume, cologne, bodily fluids, etc., will be rejected.
  • All incoming  general correspondence to include books and magazines sprayed with fragrance, such as but not limited to perfume or cologne, will be rejected.
  • Envelopes from incoming special mail, legal mail, or certified mail may be photocopied with a copy of the envelope provided to the inmate, not the original.

Rejected correspondence will be treated consistent with the applicable provisions of federal regulation and BOP policy. Please provide your friends and family with this information."


Angry Bird is not incarcerated in federal prison, but he is consistently monitored while on probation. Caution regarding contents of letters must be used, as federal officers can search his home or belongings at any time.